3 Ways Avenue Builds With Purpose For Operational Success

The approach to developing a welcoming, practical and efficiently-operated senior living community requires educated industry professionals. For Avenue Development, bringing operational insight to any development partnership is critical and for nearly three decades, the leadership team has prioritized the integration of operations and development into all phases of a new project. This strategic approach not only exemplifies the commitment to excellence but also welcomes confidence between all partners to see a successful project to completion. 

Discover three ways Avenue builds with purpose for operational success with Avenue’s Vice President of Strategic Development, Brian Lane.

Right Sizing of a New Community

Navigating environments where securing a new deal becomes increasingly challenging due to high interest rates, escalating construction costs, and a surge in operational expenses, demands a strategic and innovative approach. While the fundamentals of identifying the right market, meeting the demand, and understanding demographics remain undeniably crucial, Avenue’s commitment goes beyond the basics.

Masterplan drone image of the Residence at Fitz Farm senior living community

Once the optimal market is identified, the focus shifts to community planning, with a primary emphasis on aligning the building’s efficiency with the staff’s capabilities. In a scenario where a capable nurse is managing 40 residents in a community, the introduction of 60 apartments disrupts the balance. The nurse must now care for an additional 20 residents or a second nurse should be hired. Therefore, it is important to consider staff efficiency when planning a new development.

Maximizing operational margins is not just a goal but a defining principle at Avenue. With precision and foresight, Avenue tailors developments to ensure that the number of residents aligns seamlessly with the staff’s capacity for care.

“One way that we bring operational success to a new development is the right sizing of the community.”

Brian Lane, Vice President of Strategic Development

Wellness Programming

Another way that Avenue brings operational success and efficiency is in the wellness capacity. Wellness has certainly been a top item that plays a pivotal role in planning a new development. Post-pandemic, the spotlight on wellness has only intensified, with a particular emphasis on fitness. There are three critical components when it comes to designing exercise spaces within a community: 

  • design of the space 
  • equipment tailored to seniors: simple, inviting, effective
  • thoughtful programming

Wellness is not just about exercise, it’s about creating an inviting atmosphere. The space should be vibrant and inviting with natural light and colors, creating an energetic atmosphere upon entry. The space should be sizable enough to accommodate workout activities comfortably without feeling cramped, yet not so large that it appears cold and empty. The art lies in finding that perfect balance.

Ignite Medical Resort fitness center with workout equipment

Selection of the proper equipment tailored to seniors is another important aspect of making wellness accessible to seniors. This often-overlooked aspect resonates deeply with our approach. Replacing bulky, intimidating ten-in-one machines in favor of simple, user-friendly equipment is one key. Each piece is designed with one or two movements, ensuring residents feel educated and empowered to engage in fitness activities.

Recognizing that many seniors may not have extensive experience in gym settings, Avenue’s approach involves not just introducing residents to the space but also providing personalized programs. Ensuring that residents feel comfortable using the equipment while also having a structured fitness plan that caters to their unique needs is fundamental. It’s an approach that fosters a culture of wellness and comfort within a community. 

“With our team’s operational knowledge, we can get these things right each time for each of our communities, helping them be more vibrant and keep our residents well.”

Brian Lane, Vice President of Strategic Development

Design with the End User in Mind

When it comes to senior living development, the end user is often synonymous with the resident. At Avenue, we take an extra step by considering another crucial end user: the employee. Designing with both residents and staff in mind creates a community that radiates warmth and efficiency. Two key aspects Avenue prioritizes when planning new construction to increase employee efficiency and satisfaction include:

  • strategic placement of elevators and stairs 
  • employee lounges 

We consider the physical experience of employees by designing communities that minimize unnecessary steps. Strategic placement of elevators and stairs within the community layout helps reduce the constant up-and-down movement, addressing the critical factor of time spent walking from place to place, we strategically position elevators to reduce transit time, enhancing overall staff efficiency and satisfaction. Equally important are employee lounges, which are often overlooked in many other designs. Having a comfortable space for team members to de-stress, regroup, and reflect during lunch breaks could increase employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Senior living community employee break room and snack station

In the operational sense of a senior living community, every second counts. Therefore, a successful development needs to focus on optimizing the layout to enhance the efficiency of team members caring for residents. Thoughtful design choices contribute to overall staff satisfaction and ensure residents receive the prompt care they deserve. By investing in the well-being of employees, Avenue believes in the symbiotic relationship between employee satisfaction and resident contentment. 

With nearly three decades of experience in operational success, Avenue stands as an expert in senior living development. A commitment to meticulous planning and strategic execution sets Avenue apart, ensuring that every project undertaken embodies operational excellence. From right-sizing communities to prioritizing wellness programming and designing with both residents and staff in mind, Avenue’s approach is tailored to guarantee operational success.

If you envision senior living developments that embrace innovation, efficiency, and resident well-being, we invite you to connect. Let’s embark on a journey together, shaping the future of senior living with purpose and operational success.

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