Ensuring Successful Construction Projects From Start to Finish

Avenue Construction, Inc. is a full-service general contractor and construction management firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana that focuses on an established expertise in healthcare, multi-family and senior living properties. The firm comes straight from the heart of Avenue: building teams with purpose, and serving our markets the best we possibly can. 

Learn more from Avenue Construction President Adam Filler, as he discusses their leadership, approach, and delivery method.

Build with Purpose

Avenue Construction has been a long time coming for Filler and the leadership team. Filler is an entrepreneur at heart, earning his building construction management degree from Purdue, and then working with a variety of companies, building teams, learning how to grow revenue, and developing successful processes. The establishment of Avenue Construction was born out of an opportunity and likeminded business partners.

“Building for a purpose. It means taking our core values and applying them to a project. We understand that our clients expect us to finish a job, but what I think people misunderstand is that clients want to see progress everyday.  We need to be pushing the project forward everywhere we can, and  we do a great job of that. It means to be deliberate with our actions whether it’s working extended hours to take advantage of the weather or adjusting the work scheduled for the week due to a vendor not being able to make it to the site that week.  Because of our experience, we understand that developers/owners have a lot of money invested in these projects before we even start construction. They’ve got a lot on the line, both as their business and personally. So we understand the importance of getting it done and being deliberate with our actions every day is critical. We enjoy construction and we do it well.” – Adam Filler

Strength of Team

Mike Mattingly and Filler have a history of work experience together and understand the dynamics of working together towards success. Laurie Schultz’s real estate development expertise, marketing and strategic thinking adds another layer of talent to the company. Additionally, Alexander O’Neill, General Counsel, brings the legal side into play for the firm, and from the general contractor perspective, there are tremendous amounts of agreements that need review and having in-house legal counsel allows Avenue Construction to work through them in a timely manner. To round out the partnership, Brent Bauters brings a wealth of knowledge of construction in the way that he looks at the details, oversight of the field, coaches subcontractors and ensures delivery of projects.

“I think great partners give you the ability to balance a company and pull from each other’s strengths.” – Adam Filler

“We embody the core values of Avenue Construction. We’re an employee-first organization. We believe everybody who works within the team has a strong work ethic and believes in teamwork.  For us, that means being willing to jump in to help others where we need it and grind it out. We also like to have fun as an organization. I know that for a lot of people that should be just a given, but it’s something that you have to put effort into and be sure to carve out time to celebrate the wins. We also have a learning mindset both professionally, and personally.  We believe that we need to perform with excellence; our clients expect us to be specialists and be the best. Communicating is key with our clients even if it’s not the best news.  It is better to get it out, bring options, figure out a plan and get it resolved. Our core values, understanding of development and construction experience sets ourselves apart. Customer service is something that’s kind of fallen by the wayside, and that’s something that we hold very dear.”- Adam Filler

Markets We Serve

As a team, Avenue Construction has completed 5,000+ units and over a billion dollars of construction in those markets. This includes projects such as a hospital’s main campus, medical office space for a dentist’s office, veterinarian clinics, medical office, and more. We’ve completed over 2 million square feet of construction as a team and have over 60 years of construction experience within the executive team.

Specialities include:

  • active adult 
  • independent living
  • assisted living
  • memory care
  • healthcare
  • multi-family
  • medical offices

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Delivery Method

Let’s get connected very early in the project’s process. As soon as a developer/owner has a piece of ground identified, Avenue Construction would like to be involved in order to provide feedback immediately to determine together if the real estate will work for the client’s desired vision as well as any things to consider within their development budget to overcome challenges they may face with the real estate they are looking at.  Avenue Construction can create a schematic budget to check performa assumption prior to releasing the design team into full design to create guardrails during design.  We also like to sit in on design meeting updates to provide real time feedback to the team on questions they may have or identify key items that could affect pricing or constructability questions.  The design development phase is a critical point for owners to check their design against budgets, and make adjustments whether that’s adjusting exterior facade ratio, opening the spec on mechanical equipment, modifying landscaping, etc .  The adjustments made at this phase in the design process are much easier to make them verse later when the documents are completed.  It also reduces value engineering efforts after bidding.

TAs we move into the final state of design, construction documents.  We review the final design, create scopes of work, identify subcontractors and vendors to provide proposals for the project, create a construction schedule and put the project out to the market.  

Once proposals are received and the project is within the clients budgets, we move forward with construction. Avenue Construction hosts biweekly construction progress meetings with clients.  We also update our master construction schedule bi-weekly at the progress meetings.  This is something that not all construction companies do – some will update as milestones get achieved or quarterly.  The problem we see with those methods is that too many smaller tasks get lost and then become delayed or forgotten about.  We leverage technology throughout construction by utilizing Procore and Phoenix scheduling software; these tools allow us to track submittals, capture progress photos, etc. and integrate the owner/architect/engineers with the project.  When close out rolls around  we perform our own pre-punch and correct the items prior to the Owner punch, another thing not all firms do.  We are there for you throughout the warranty period and will still pick up the phone long after to help you should something arise.  Client satisfaction is important to us and we plan to be around for a long time.

Industry-Specific Construction Services

Avenue Construction is extremely excited for 2024. We believe that markets are shifting and banking is starting to loosen up and there is great expectation for the healthcare, multi-family and senior living industries. 

Avenue Construction strives to deliver with care and detail to provide not only quality deliverables but spaces that will change the hearts of those in them. Founded by a driven and passionate team of Avenue’s best, Avenue Construction aims to exceed the expectations for years to come.
For more information about our projects and what Avenue Construction could bring to the table for you, contact us at https://avenuedev.com/contact/.


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