Healthcare Project Feasibility Analysis: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Forget

In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, staying ahead of the curve is paramount for successful project development. Avenue’s niche focus in primary care and healthcare development plus a passion for the active adult sector of the seniors housing and healthcare industry sets the company apart from other developers and contractors. The deep understanding of where the industry has been, where it currently is, and where it’s headed allows for the team to confidently lead clients towards building a project with long-term operational success and growth. Laurie Schultz, Co-Founder and President of Avenue Development, sheds light on key considerations in healthcare development, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and foresight. Learn about four crucial elements to consider when evaluating healthcare project feasibility analysis.

Redefining The Physical Environment

It is apparent that the pandemic had a major impact on all industries…especially the seniors housing and healthcare space. Avenue understands the shifting dynamics of care delivery, emphasizing the growing significance of virtual care models. Years ago, providers developed spaces based on the idea that patients would be seen solely in person. Now, the percentage of in-person patients has significantly decreased due to the rising popularity and accessibility of virtual care models. Recognizing the correct balance between virtual and in-person care not only optimizes operational efficiency but also aligns with evolving reimbursement models. This strategic approach enables developers to tailor space requirements effectively, thus maximizing budget utilization.

“It is really critical to have a development team that understands the changing operational needs in healthcare and how care is being delivered. We can help you design the space most efficiently to maximize the budget.”

– Laurie Schultz

Social Determinants of Health

In addition to recognizing the demands of the combined physical and virtual care models, Avenue highlights the importance of addressing social determinants of health and the overarching idea of wellness in the industry. Advocating for a comprehensive approach to wellness beyond traditional healthcare, Avenue suggests integrating unique offerings such as behavioral health, nutritional counseling and lifelong learning opportunities to cater to the diverse needs of patients and residents. Offering a one-stop solution for social determinants of health aims to enhance patient well-being and streamline care delivery.

Group of active senior people doing exercise in community center club, stretching.

Preventive Wellness

Proactive healthcare takes precedence in Avenue’s development strategy, aligning with the burgeoning trend of preventive medicine. Incorporating wellness-focused amenities such as meditation areas and physical therapy spaces promotes longevity and wellness within communities. This forward-thinking approach resonates across projects, bridging the gap between residential living and healthcare.

Through their active adult brand, Viva Bene, Avenue is partnering with Sevi Health to provide residents options for comprehensive care, covering the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of their residents. Viva Bene will feature an onsite wellness provider and care coordination support, fitness center, yoga and education center, spin studio, pickleball and bocce ball courts, outdoor gathering spaces, co-working spaces, a resort-style pool and more. By offering these amenities in a community filled with like-minded aging adults, the goal is to create an environment for proactive aging and holistic care and wellness.

Viva Bene St. Peters Fitness Center

Move Towards Value Based Care

Transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care models is imperative for the project development process and feasibility aspect of healthcare development models. Understanding the demographic nuances and patient density within a given geographic area is pivotal for long-term success. These demographics can influence decisions like site location, development size and more. Avenue’s knowledge of deciphering healthcare operational models enables the team to navigate this transition seamlessly, ensuring sustainability and viability in the evolving healthcare landscape.

“At Avenue Development, we have the expertise to help you plan for your next project, not only to be successful today, but in the years ahead as the healthcare field changes.”

– Laurie Schultz

Avenue Development strives to stand as a beacon of innovation in healthcare development, armed with a deep understanding of industry trends and operational intricacies. Their holistic approach, coupled with a focus on preventive medicine and value-based care, sets a precedent for future-forward projects. As the healthcare field continues to evolve, Avenue Development remains steadfast in its commitment to shaping the future of healthcare infrastructure, one project at a time.


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